Grease Can be Good or Bad for Your Firearm

Thinking of using grease to lubricate your guns but fear gumming them up by doing so? Doesn’t grease usually clog things up? Attract dirt and firing debris?

Depends on the grease, and how thick a coating is applied.

TW25B® is a very thin, light, fully synthetic grease, the consistency of cold cream, that never gums up. It contains NO petroleum which is what ages in a lubricant product and eventually turns to a tacky, gummy, problematic coating.

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A favorite gun cleaning point of debate: use gun grease or gun oil for best results?

Gun greases and gun oils both work decently as lubricants for firearms, and many gun owners swear by one or the other, with rare agreement on both. In either case, the terms grease and oil are too general. Not only is it important to know what your gun grease or oil is actually made of, it’s important to consider what actual brands are representing themselves to be selling.

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Welcome to the NRA Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM Blog!

The National Rifle Association recently licensed a line of U.S. Military-grade extreme performance gun care products that optimize the performance of every firearm.

Engineered and manufactured by MIL-COMM PRODUCTS COMPANY – a world leader in military hardware lubricants and bio-friendly gun cleaners – the new NRA Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM will change the way you think about gun cleaning and maintenance. Ponder the difference of six to ten times more rounds between disasssembly and cleaning. A lot more shooting, a lot less cleaning.
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