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Welcome to gun care perfected.

Gun Care Perfected

Welcome to the extreme performance gun care products of the NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM. The top-performing, trusted favorite of U.S. Military fighters, leading law enforcement agencies, world-class hunters, champion target shooters and precision firearms manufacturers everywhere. Products legendary for their performance in the heat and sand of desert war zones…in saltwater, special operations combat…in sub-zero firing conditions…wherever performance and reliability are mission-critical.

With the gun cleaning products of the NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM, firearms work to their optimal because of the unique-acting chemistry of our gun cleaners, synthetic gun grease and synthetic gun oil. Originally engineered and manufactured for U.S. Military war fighters, MIL-COMM gun care products super-lubricate gun metal surfaces with a proprietary blend of microscopic particles and synthetic oils that deliver long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. Properly applied, NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM lubricants last up to ten times longer than other gun lubricants, which simply means a lot more shooting, a lot less cleaning -- six to ten times more rounds than what you most likely experience with other products.

Use our extreme performance gun cleaning and gun care products once and you will use them for life!

gun cleaning

Gun Cleaner

Extreme Performance Gun Cleaner

Start with “STEP 1” MC25® Gun Cleaner / Degreaser, a double-acting detergent and enzymatic cleaning formulation that emulsifies and removes gun lubricant and powder residue. MC25® is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, water-based product that contains no harmful solvents and will effectively clean all metal and composite parts.

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gun grease

Gun Grease

Synthetic Gun Grease

“STEP 2” TW25B® Synthetic Gun Grease penetrates the pores of metal surfaces and creates a roller bearing smooth surface on all firearms wear parts. As a bore treatment, TW25B® lubricating light grease has been proven to increase muzzle velocity and tighten spread in independent testing conducted by POLICE MARKSMAN magazine.

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gun oil

Gun Oil

Synthetic Gun Oil

“STEP 3” MC2500® Synthetic Gun Oil is engineered with the same chemistry as TW25B® Grease -- only in a lighter viscosity that makes it ideal for trigger mechanisms, tightly fitted parts and quick lubrication replenishment.

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bore cleaner gun care system

Gun Bore Cleaner

Gun Bore Cleaner

Newly introduced MC50® Bore Cleaner works to remove hard buildup in the bore by wetting heavy residue and leaching it free from the metal – a different approach to bore cleaning that is often attempted by the use of powerful, noxious chemicals.

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gun cleaning

Three-Step Gun Care Kit

NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM products are synthetic, non-hazardous and safe to use for all your gun cleaning and gun care maintenance.

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gun cleaning

Gun Storage Fluid

MC3000® Synthetic Storage Semi-Fluid

Store your guns in fire-ready condition for years with MIL-COMM’s MC3000® all-synthetic Gun Storage Semi-Fluid.

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nra milcomm gun grease

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We are a world leader in the engineering and manufacture of extreme performance lubricants for military, law enforcement, consumer, commercial, industrial and marine markets. NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM formulations are officially licensed products of the National Rifle Association. MIL-COMM PRODUCTS COMPANY is solely responsible for the content of this website, management of its online store, and for the quality and reliability of NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM® products.

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